What is bTrade.ng?

bTrade.ng Forex Trading Platform is a quite experienced and legally registered company with HIPPO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY in the field of fiduciary management and long-term investments. We are a group of the skilled financial professionals having a high level of knowledge and long term practice in Forex Trading, Commodities, currencies investment field. We have been working as a private fund for Trading Forex and Binary Options since several years. Now we have opened our online project on bTrade our Tradings worldwide. In addition, we conduct business in a manner to grant the respect and good will of those around us. Doing good work, completing it on time, and dealing fairly and honestly with everyone involved are essential to maintain our excellent reputation in the industry of Forex Trading. As a Group we remain committed to social responsibility. In all of our actions we strive to ensure that all economic, environmental and social factors are considered. We believe that this approach, obtained from our principles of respect, rigor and involvement, makes us more responsible and successful. bTrade.ng - Forex Trading Platform offers our traders a reliable platform to get paid with our awesome trades and schedules with minimum trade investment as low as ₦2,000.00. You can invest your money into one of the plans. All the plans offer investors to receive their earnings 24 hours after depositing. All payments are processed within 24 hours without delays. We are paying 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Profit is guaranteed. .

bTrade.ng Objectives

Where does it come. bTrade.ng - Forex Trading Platform offers the best conditions in the international markets of Forex investments and trust management. The technical group and the team of financial experts are making every effort to ensure safety of your assets and rapid multiplication of your capital even as we trade with it. The company opened its doors to the public as a Forex Trading platform, offering one of the most comprehensive opportunities for Forex enthusiasts to invest even as we trade in the future of the world’s most Currencies, Stocks and Commodities. bTrade.ng - Forex Trading Platform offers a highly Forex profitable investment for everyone. Years of trading experience in the Forex Trading markets to provide a stable income not only for company but also for our numerous clients around the world. Today our automated platform allows anyone to become an investor and earn on a daily basis with different Trade investment plans. Our investment portfolios are designed in such a way that each participant, regardless of the income level, can fully participate and earn money to their Bank account.

bTrade.ng - Cutting Edge Platform with extensive Infrastructure.

Established in 2019, as a Forex Trading Management platform for extensive trading for profit making by c-group, HIPPO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RC ED64245 has been became a premier Forex Trading Investment platform, trusted by members. bTrade.ng has developed a managed Forex investment system with individual approach to each customer, from Forex Trader beginners to institutional traders. Worldwide coverage, multiple payout and fast payout to our Members, and 24/7 support are accompanied by our platform stability that guarantees safety of assets and data.

bTrade.ng - Cutting Edge Platform with extensive Infrastructure.

bTrade Sustainable Forex Profiting Platform

bTrade.ng Forex Trading Platform is a group of highly qualified Forex traders, and managers with an extensive experience in investment management. Our main activities of bTrade includes Forex Trading and investment management. We analyse a great deal of Forex Trading information, developing and improving new investment strategies to maintain the permanent and regular income. bTrade mainly specializes in Forex and stock trading and trading the financial markets - the focus is mainly forex market, that is very smooth and is available 24 hours a day.

Dear BTRADE Forex Investment Members!

There has been a shift in our trading and as such, we have arranged a comprehensive chart of the trading system to accommodate our investors. There is a core change in our TRADING SYSTEM to guarantee a long term Forex Trading with us.
We also want to apologize that this changes is coming at this time. We want to strongly inform you and everyone accepts the new Forex Trading Investment system.

Below is the NEW FOREX TRADING System on BTRADE

PLAN 1 - 140% Profit Daily 3.5% for 40 Forex Profit times

PLAN 2 - 143% Profit Daily 5.5% for 26 Forex Profit times

PLAN 3 - 130% PROFIT Daily 7.5% for 20 Forex Profit times

PLAN 4 - 140% Profit Daily 6.2% for 21 Forex Profit times

The previous plans has been ambiguous to our members. We receive many a mails and request for this change and also to accommodate our Trading Forex system because of the Forex News we would be trading on. The new Forex News system would guarantee and strengthen BTRADE for more profit, fast payout and reliability.
Previous withdrawals would be paid as we would keep processing PAYOUTS daily. Thank you all for your understanding.




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